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Originally Posted by Richard Thomas-Henry View Post
Iím new here but just want to know if anyone else has had a problem in there engine overheating unless they have there AC on? Finally got my mini back from the garage today and they couldnít solve the problem, the garage changed the thermostat, radiator cap, fan resistor and coolant temperature senor along with flushing the water system and checking the water pump and carrying out a head gasket test.

Thanks for any help you can offer.
did they read the voltage at the signal wire to two pin temp sensor, and did they check the earth wire back to the ecu, both the earth and 5volt reference wire are controlled by the ecu, ie bosch mev47.4 this controls the signal for thermostat housing and when fan relays switched from coolant temperature,
i've had the day from hell today a Citroen with the main ecu has been tested and works fine but in the car it shows the temp sensor reads -48 all the time even when touch the 5v ref wire to its earth it should go to 267c but dont, the Citroen runs same engine and electronic to a point if its something like this fault good luck with finding it, but need to get someone who knows what they are looking for with them as some of the function is shared via can bus net work which is where i think my fault is, another special day for tomorrow finding all the earth returns for the ecu and bsi and bsm and try and break it down,

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